5 Pinterest Strategies To Build Your Brand And Network Marketing Business

Pinterest is one of the best platforms for driving traffic yet it’s one of the most underutilized. I could write an entire course on how to use Pinterest to build a brand and network marketing business but in this post I want to give you a basic overview of why Pinterest is important and how you can start using it today to build your brand and network marketing business.

While Pinterest has been a popular resource for people to find recipes, crafts, decor inspiration and create travel dream boards, it is quickly growing into a major player in driving organic traffic to blogs and eCommerce websites. With 250 million monthly users, from a traffic perspective, Pinterest is a resource similar to Google in that it helps people find content and new ideas.

This means, with the right strategy, you can use the evergreen indexing nature of this platform to your advantage to create content for your brand and network marketing company that will be indexed and have the ability to drive traffic to your website over and over again.

Before I dive into these 5 strategies, it’s crucial you understand the basics of personal branding and why it’s important to building a successful network marketing business. If personal branding is a new concept for you or you have been trying to figure out how to properly brand yourself as a network marketer, bookmark this blog post and head straight over to my in depth how-to article on How To Brand Yourself As A Network Marketer

Take the time to read through that article and spend some time implementing the important strategies shared there and then you can come back to this blog post and be ready to rock your Pinterest marketing!

Assuming you have your personal brand strategy in place, you are now ready to dive into these 5 strategies for leveraging Pinterest.


First step is to change the way you think about Pinterest. You may have been using is a casual place to save your favorite ideas but now you will be using it as a professional for business. You can switch your account to a business one for free so you have access to analytics and rich pins.

Here is a how-to guide straight from Pinterest if you are not sure how to switch your account from personal to business.


Now that you plan to use Pinterest as a mompreneur and network marketer, you may have some clean up work you need to do. For example, changing your profile photo to a more updated one, creating a bio that conveys who you are and what drives your passions in life.

You can use your account name to display your name and brand or a keyword like “coach” or “mompreneur”

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 1.01.23 PM.png

Go through your boards and assess if they are relevant to the message you are trying to convey and if they will attract your ideal client. You may love hippie clothing and dream of renovating a lime green 1959 Volkswagen Bus but if your passion is health and wellness and you are building an essential oil company, those boards may not be useful in attracting the right audience.

The boards that you want to keep that don’t necessarily relate to your target audience you can change them to “private” instead of public so you can still access what you have pinned as well as pin new content to them that will only be visible to you.

As you go through your boards, ensure they have good titles with strong keywords. Think about what people will be searching for. Try to stick to a minimum of 3 words for your board titles and create good descriptions with even more keywords for each one and don’t forget to choose a relevant category for every board.

I coach women how to grow a home based business successfully therefore I have a board with ideas, tips and inspiration that will help this audience.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 1.07.08 PM.png

My target audience are moms who are most likely married and therefore, are also looking for family, marriage and parenting tips and inspiration so I created a board where I compile this type of valuable info for that audience.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 1.10.16 PM.png

The goal is to create an attractive account full of resources your potential customers will find valuable. Using the essential oil company example, people looking for essential oils are usually women and moms who are earthy and looking to live life more naturally for their overall health and that of their family.

Create boards with healthy recipes, plant based recipes, the best plants to grow indoors, container gardening, how to raise environmentally responsible kids, chemical free DIY beauty recipes, natural remedies for illnesses. You get the idea.


While it’s great that your network marketing company provides you with a company duplicated website it’s important for you as a professional to first and foremost build your personal brand. Why spend your time driving traffic to a third party when you can drive that traffic to you where it can help to build your influence and credibility.

I know the thought of launching a website can sound daunting but it doesn’t have to. There are lots of great platforms out there where you can create a website on, even if it’s just a home page for now as a landing page.

Squarespace (where my website is hosted) and Wix are good top choices to help get you started. As you grow you can explore other options later and even hire a designer to help you create something more fancy. Especially on Pinterest you want to be driving traffic to your website where you can capture leads and even grow an email list.


Now that your account has been switched over to a business profile, you have updated your information and cleaned up your existing content, you can start to create new content that is on message for your audience.

I do this in a number of ways. I love to create quote graphics for The Bossy Beauty brand, I write blog posts, share hair testimonials for the products I market through my network marketing company and I have a podcast where I share marketing tips. All of this content that I create on other platforms can be repurposed to Pinterest to help drive more traffic.

When creating and sharing your original content you want to be sure to create boards that are specific to you so your followers can easily see the valuable resources you provide. For example, I have a board for my blog where only my blog content is pinned to it. From there I can re-pin that content to other relevant boards like Home Business Success where there is a collection of my content and other content related to home business success.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 1.50.01 PM.png

The content you create should be of high quality value for your audience. It’s not about selling, it’s about providing useful information that helps to solve a problem for your audience and inspire them in some way. Through this, they will be attracted to click and dive deeper into what you share and sell.

For example, you wouldn’t create a board where you share nothing but product photos but you could create a board with testimonials like the one I created for MONAT hair testimonials of how the product is helping people because facts tell but stories sell.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 1.55.50 PM.png

It’s important for me to mention here that you should have an understanding of the internet usage and marketing guidelines of your network marketing company. Some companies are very lax and allow their reps to share company generated photography while other companies have very strict policies in place against this type of usage. Ensure you are following their guidelines to avoid the risk of a fine or termination from the company (yes I have heard of this happening!)

if your company is more strict it doesn’t mean all is lost, it just means you will have to get a little more creative about how you market. You may not be able to create a board titled “COMPANY NAME TESTIMONIALS” but you can create a board that says “Sleep Better Testimonials” if that is something your product helps with and the graphics you create you can use stock photography and clever wording so you stay compliant with your company.

Where there is a will there is always a way!


Like any platform, Pinterest requires consistency. You want to create relevant boards, pin content and create new content on a consistent basis for your account to grow. Carve out 30 minutes a day like before bed or in the morning while drinking coffee to:

• pin at least 20-30 pieces of content to grow your boards
• upload at least 1 piece of original content to help drive traffic to your website (blog post graphic, quote card, testimonial, recipe, etc)
• create one new board each week or every other week at a minimum (your followers are notified when you create a new board)

The great thing about Pinterest is that it doesn’t require hours and hours of time. A little bit of daily consistency can go a long way to building your personal brand and generate leads for your network marketing business. Right now Facebook and Pinterest account for almost 38% of my website traffic so it’s definitely worth the time and effort when done correctly!

I hope you found these tips helpful! Be sure to check out more of my blog posts and for even more training and guidance be sure to check out The Bossy Beauty Podcast!


Terri Willingham is a free-spirited entrepreneur who enjoys the country life on a Texas ranch with her husband Joe and amazing two boys. She is is grounded in faith and family with a deep passion for spreading joy and empowering other women through her Bossy Beauty community to embrace and believe in their own inner free spirit. Learn more HERE

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