5 Steps To Making $1,000 Per Month In Your Network Marketing Business

Maybe you got into network marketing as a side hustle and way to have some extra spending money or to help you save for that dream vacation. Maybe you started your business to fire your boss and earn a 6-figure income. Whatever the why behind your financial goals, building a solid business is first built on a solid consistent income.

So many people start out the gate declaring they want to make $10,000 per month and when it doesn’t happen right away they give up and throw in the towel. While there is certainly nothing wrong with having our head in the clouds to dream big, we have to at the same time, keep our feet planted on the ground of reality. Building an income in any business takes time. If it were easy to grow a 5-figure per month income inside of 90 days wouldn’t everyone be doing it? The truth is that it’s not easy but when you can consistently master generating $1,000 per month in residual income, you can find what works in your business to continue to uplevel your skills and shoot for higher income goals.

Here are 5 steps to making $1,000 per month in your network marketing business:

1. Grow Your Skill Sets

I know, you hear this all the time, how important it is to invest in yourself and you hear this over and over for good reason. You can’t expect to be a successful entrepreneur if you don’t invest in sharpening your skills. A college football player doesn’t wake up one morning and go #1 in an NFL draft. To get to that moment took years of hard work and sacrifices. It’s what separates him from the ones who just talk about wanting to be the #1 draft pick.

A high school graduate isn’t handed her diploma and congratulated with a corner office and the title of “Law Firm Partner”. If she wants to be a lawyer and make partner she has to further her education and put in the blood, sweat, tears and long hours to earn that moment.

Take your profession as an entrepreneur seriously because Lord knows there are plenty of others out there with only their toe in the water complaining about why they don’t have the results they want in their bank account. Invest in an online course, hire a coach to help you overcome fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. In order to reap the benefits of a return we have to make the investment. As you grow yourself you will grow your income.

2. Be All In

Like I mentioned above, if we have our toe in the water we can expect to see toe in the water results. We get what we put into it. To consistently make $1,000+ a month in a business you will have to be all in, all of the time. Your business will not run itself which means you have to show up every day, rain or shine. Showing up when you don’t feel like, when you have a set back, when you feel like you want to quit, when your inner critic shows up to bully you, when your friends don’t believe in what you are doing, when your spouse questions it.

The beauty of what you will find on the other side of showing up regardless of how you feel is the reward of growing your character and confidence. I can’t promise it will be easy but I can promise you will never regret the decision to show up anyway.

3. Faith It Til You Make It

Confession: I am not a fan of the “fake it til you make it” message. Faking anything never works out but you can put your faith in God to carry you through the highs and the lows that will occur daily in your business. Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of emotions that can drive you crazy. Keep God at the center of all that you do and lean on Him to be your strength in times of weakness.

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

4. Push Your Comfort Zone, But Honor Who You Are

Growth requires us to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Like the athlete who wants to go #1 in an NFL draft, he didn’t get there binge watching Netflix. He got there by getting up early, training harder and longer than anyone else. He pushed through being tired and sore to reach his goal. Pushing your comfort zone is a requirement of growing ourselves personally and our income but at the same time its important to honor who you are in the process.

Are you an introvert who loves to write? Find ways to leverage this skill set for your business. Are you an extrovert who thrives around people? Join networking meetings to help you meet new people and expand your network. The bottom line is don’t buy into guru advice that you have to do XYZ in order to be successful. There is a fine line between being uncomfortable and trying to grow your business in a way that does not honor who you are which will lead to you resenting the entire experience.

5. Take Measurable Daily Action

Growing a business to a consistent $1,000+ a month as we discussed requires that we show up consistently in our business but what does that look like exactly? It means setting goals and taking specific action that can be measured for results.

In network marketing, there are two ways to grow an income, product sales with customers and recruiting new business partners. If you aren’t setting daily goals around these actions you can’t expect to see much in the way of results.

If you have struggled with this, here is a formula that you can use to help get you started at making $1,000 per month:

1. Reach out to 3 people per day to build a relationship with. Business is personal which means people do business with people they like know and trust. If you want to build a successful business you have to embrace that your business is not about you, it’s about who you can serve. In order to have people in your pipeline you can share your products and business opportunity with you have to have a personal relationship with them.

Reach out to 3 people daily per private message, a text message, email and yes, even the old fashioned way of picking up the phone. Reach out in a genuine way free of any kind of agenda to check in with them, see how they are doing, how their family is doing. If you want people to be interested in what you are doing, you have to first take an interest in them.

2. Reach out to 3 people per day to share your product testimony. If your company allows, offer to send samples but I highly recommend only offering to send a sample after they have agreed to watch a product video or other marketing tool your company has that explains product benefits and they have shared at least one thing that they liked or caught their attention (in network marketing it’s better to use tools than to try to be the tool). If you send free samples to just anyone, you will have a bunch of people not really interested and only looking for a free hand out.

Here is a sample script “Hi Susie, I started using _____ {name of product} a couple of weeks ago and it has really helped me ___________ {share a personal testimony}. I am offering a free sample and would love to send you one if that would be okay?”

If Susie responds and says yes, you can follow up with something like “Okay great, I have a short video that does a better job explaining more information, can you give it a quick watch and let me know what peaked your interest? Shoot me your address too and I can get some in the mail for you to try. I know how hectic life is so I really appreciate your time.”

3. Reach out to 3 people per day that you have been building a relationship with to share the business opportunity (please, please PLEASE do not send random messages to people you have never had a conversation with and don’t know on a personal level. It’s icky and giving our industry a bad rap). Again you can leverage samples to those who watch a business opportunity or comp plan video and who responded to your follow up.

Here is a sample script: “Hey Susie, I know I have probably mentioned at some point that I am a business owner. It’s been a huge blessing to myself personally and my family. Let me know if you are ever open to hearing about it. No pressure, I can send you some information to check out and some free samples to try. Either way, I first and foremost appreciate you and the relationship we have.”

If they respond that they would like to hear more, share more and honor your “no pressure” statement. There is nothing worse than an overzealous sales person so don’t be one. Share and give them the time and space to check out the info.

If they respond that they are not interested, honor them where they are. Let go of the result and outcome keeping in mind that they are not rejecting you, they are saying no to the info you are sharing. A no is a “not right now” but if you take it personally and shame the person you can forever mark them down as a permanent no if they are made to feel bad. Sales is a numbers game and in order to see results you have to approach your business as planting seeds. The more seeds you plant, the more of a harvest you will reap.

Feel free to tweak this daily action formula to what best suits your schedule and what you can commit to. If you want to make more money per month, take more action. Reach out to 5-10 people per day but if you want to make at least $1,000 consistently per month in your business, you will need to reach out to at least 3 people consistently.

I personally work my business heavily through the week so I can unplug and be more present with my family on the weekends and as a rule I rarely talk shop with people on Sunday as it’s a day set aside for prayer, family and rest.

I hope you found these tips helpful in taking your business to $1,000 per month and beyond. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, would love to chat with you more!

Terri Willingham