Change Your Network Marketing Business FOREVER With These Recruiting Tips & Scripts

Are you struggling with how to approach customers and prospects for your Network Marketing business? You’ve probably followed all types of strategies and advice but still not getting the results you want, am I right?

Regardless of whether your are using online or offline methods, there is one thing at the heart of MLM recruiting that never changes and that’s to add value to other people’s lives and staying consistent over the long-term.

Are you doing that?

Today I have 3 simple but profound pieces of advice for you to improve your network marketing recruiting skills so you can grow your business and your income.

1. Be A Professional

Before you even start putting together a marketing plan and creating recruiting strategies for your network marketing business, you need to make an important, game changing decision and that’s to be a professional.

When you think of a professional what attributes come to mind? Write down what being a professional means to you. Maybe things like nicely dressed, leadership, integrity, dependable, respectful, educated and organized come to mind? When it comes to your network marketing business are you applying these to your business?

true professionals” is a term often used to describe people whose job performance is exceptional. It could apply to any avocation or profession whether the workers are actors, cabinet makers, musicians or artists. The point is they work with a professionalism that is remarkable.

Here’s the sad but honest truth, the majority of people in MLM treat their business like a little side hobby and friend all I know from working in this industry for over 10 years is a real business will pay you in the long run, while a hobby will cost you money.

So are you getting what I am trying to drive home here?

Whether you are working your business full time or it’s a part time side hustle, the sooner you make the decision to be a professional network marketer, the sooner you will reap the benefits that come with building a successful business. You invest in growing your skill sets through personal development, coaching and training.

And here’s the best part, when you decide to be a network marketing professional, recruiting becomes easier because you are taking it seriously and it becomes part of your everyday activities.

2. Recruiting With An Attitude Of Confidence

When you decide to take your business seriously and invested in growing your knowledge and skills, you grow the confidence you need to present your prospects with your products and a business opportunity that can help them change their lives for the better. A lack of confidence on the other hand can be disastrous for your business as it can lead you to come across as unreliable and even desperate which is a huge turn off for your potential prospects.

Most prospects you talk to will be unsure about trying something new or starting their own business therefore that's why your confidence is so important. Your prospect actually gains confidence and reassurance through their interaction with you.

3. Using The Right Tools For MLM Recruiting

Are you blabbing on and on nervously to your network marketing prospects? Are you wracking your brain trying to figure out why you can’t get anyone to say yes to trying your products or learn more about the business opportunity? Do your prospects look glazed over but you can’t for the life of you understand why?

That’s because you are most likely trying to be the tool instead of using the tools. The secret here is there isn’t really a secret when you choose to 1. be a professional who 2. is confident enough to keep things.

Most companies have spent thousands of dollars to create professional marketing tools that do most of the heavy lifting for you. What kind of tools you ask?

Anything other than you that gives the information about your product or business. For example:

  • Online videos

  • Zoom presentation

  • Recorded call

  • Brochure

  • Live Event

  • or other third party tool

A confident professional creates duplication by using tools to do most of the real work.

So why would you spend your valuable time trying to present information all on your own? Time to start working smarter not harder.

Network marketing recruiting doesn’t have to be hard or require hours of your time each day. Make the decision today to:
1. Be professional
2. Grow through personal development to gain confidence
3. Use tools to share info about your products and business opportunity

If you follow these tips consistently, your skill sets will improve and you’ll be reaching your goals in no time! if you found these tips helpful I would love to hear from you so be sure to leave a comment and there is always more happening in the Bossy Beauty Facebook community so be sure to connect with me there too!

Looking for more training on recruiting? Check out my Network Marketing Recruiting Mastery guide where I share unique strategies and done for you scripts on how to share your products and business opportunity without icky sales tactics or being spammy with cookie cutter approaches. I know you will agree this guide is one of the best investments you have ever made in your business.


Terri Willingham is a free-spirited entrepreneur who enjoys the country life on a Texas ranch with her husband Joe and amazing two boys. She is is grounded in faith and family with a deep passion for spreading joy and empowering other women through her Bossy Beauty community to embrace and believe in their own inner free spirit. Learn more HERE

Terri Willingham