5 Tips To Build Major Momentum For Your Home Based Business In 30 Days

Whether you just started a home-based business, been at it for a while or thinking about becoming the boss of YOU, Inc. you have come to the right place if you are wanting to create momentum in your business within the next 30 days.

Before I dive off into my proven strategies, let me share a little bit about me. I am a full-time work at home mom of two boys who has created 5-Figures per month in my own business. I have been a network marketing professional for over 7 years and I have experienced all the highs and lows that come with it.

I have made my share of mistakes and overcome numerous struggles to follow my own dreams and goals so what I share with you doesn’t just sound good and it’s not coming from someone who hasn’t been-there-done-that. These strategies come from a girl who has been in the arena and gotten her hands dirty.

You may wonder why momentum matters in business. As entrepreneurs, momentum increases our belief, it solidifies confidence and it assures us that we are doing the right things and taking the right steps to fulfill the mission and vision of our business.

Maintaining momentum in spite of any situation, circumstances or obstacles that show up or get in our way is essential to keep us motivated while allowing us to recover from setbacks easier and more quickly.

These 5 tips when followed and committed to will help you kick off some great momentum in the next 30 days!

1. Just Jump

Creating momentum and keeping it in your business means you will have to let go of things like perfectionism and having all the answers. Now before you start moaning about how you just “aren’t built like that” let me say, I get it. We all have different personality types, things that make us tick and define how we deal with life but hear me on this….being an entrepreneur and creating momentum that will lead to results will require you to focus on your strengths while letting go of what you can’t control. It will require you to trust yourself even when you don’t have all the answers because you are willing to learn and figure it out as you go.

Think of it like this, does anyone get hired for a new job and say “Thanks for hiring me, am excited to work with you but before I can start, I am going home to learn all I can about the company and job description and I will start when I have it all figured out“.

I mean, that sounds ridiculous, right? While a person will have things like education and experience to help them learn the job, they will have to start from day 1 and train to learn the position. Same goes for your business. Every day will be like on-the-job-training so learn to embrace it and jump into the activities that bring you results feet first.

2. Create A Plan

As a business owner, you have to know what generates leads, results and revenue in your business. Create a plan around those activities and commit to them every day without fail. To create momentum in the next 30 days, take that plan and kick it up a notch with an aggressive daily goal. If your plan includes reaching out to 3 people every day to share your business, product or service, double it and reach out to 6 people each day.

Keep your plan on your desk, in your day timer, set a calendar reminder each morning to knock out your plan before anything can try to derail or sidetrack you. Commit to getting up an hour early if you need to but make a commitment to your plan every day for the next 30 days. I promise you will be amazed at the magic that starts to happen.

3. Fire Your Fears

Have you ever heard the term “Fear Is A Liar”? It’s 100% truth. Fear will try to steal and rob from you. It fuels negative self-talk and leads us to worry about things that we can’t control and will probably never happen. In order to create major momentum in your business over the next 30 days you will have to fire your fears. Kick out the Debbie Downer in your head that tries to tell you that you can’t do it and aren’t worthy of success.

Post affirmations, ‘I Am’ statements and encouraging scriptures to help you overcome the fear that will creep up to create excuses and tell you it’s not worth getting up an hour early to work on your business. To be a good leader to others you have to be a good leader to yourself first.

4. Be Your Own Best Customer

This is crucial for home based business owners. How can you expect to market a product or service that you if yourself aren’t using? Be your own best customer, use the products or service and build your own story and testimony to share with others. Be a product of the product so you can share how it has changed your life and helped you.

Share your testimony on social media in a genuine non-salesy way “I have struggled with ________ {giving specific symptoms, struggles etc} and just about gave up finding anything to help but had a friend share something with me that really helped her. I was skeptical at first but after using ________ {name of product} for ______ months I am finally able to _________________ {giving specifics of how the product has helped you}.” Remember: facts tell but stories sell.

People don’t want to be sold to, they want to be moved and inspired. Be real and authentic over the next 30 days sharing your story but avoid using hype or crazy claims. Take people on a daily journey without using shame tactics or putting other products down.

I once saw a rep for a pink drink company post something on her page that said: “I see you on the weekends drinking alcohol and eating fast food but you say no when I try to share something healthy with you“. Calling people out and shaming them whether directly or indirectly is never a way to win over friends or attract customers. It gives you and the entire industry a bad name.

5. Follow Up

They say the fortune is in the follow-up and it’s total truth. 80% of sales come after the 10th exposure to information. Make this part of your plan, to go through people you have talked to in the past, sent samples or information to and reach out to see if they have any questions.

Don’t be aggressive and don’t get upset if they aren’t ready. You will kill any chance you have by making it about you. The most effective way to do business is to build rapport and relationships. When someone says they aren’t ready to join or try the product support them where they are, put them on your follow up list for next month and move on. The worst way to sell someone is to guilt or try to convince them.

To create momentum in your business over the next 30 days, buckle down and follow these steps daily. You will find yourself overcoming fear and creating momentum that will lead to results that you can carry on from here month after month.

I would love to hear how it’s going so be sure to leave me a comment or connect with me on my Facebook page.

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Many blessings to your success friend!


Terri Willingham is a free-spirited entrepreneur who enjoys the country life on a Texas ranch with her husband Joe and amazing two boys. She is is grounded in faith and family with a deep passion for spreading joy and empowering other women through her Bossy Beauty community to embrace and believe in their own inner free spirit. Learn more HERE

Terri Willingham